What Hope For The Union? - The Guardian's US Editor John Mulholland On America

"It’s not a country that seems any happier than it was four years ago."

It has been an extraordinary few years in American news.

The surprise election of Donald Trump eventually gave way to his impeachment, his defeat, and then to the unprecedented violent assault on the US Capitol.

Mass shootings and police brutality have prompted sustained protests against racial injustice.

Heatwaves, wildfires and floods have highlighted the catastrophic impact of climate change.

And the worst pandemic in over a century has led to millions of American deaths.

All of this amidst a toxic cultural and political divide that seems to grow ever wider.

Covering it all has been the Guardian’s US editor John Mulholland. In December 2021 he spoke with Ireland's Edge Curator Muireann Kelliher about the key stories and events of the recent past, the pressing issues of the present, and the uncertain and challenging road ahead.

Video Date
February 3, 2022
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