Other Voices/Intel

What is Ireland's Edge?

IRELAND’S EDGE is a multidisciplinary creative event series that makes up a distinct strand of Other Voices festival of music and ideas. 

At IRELAND’S EDGE, we believe the best version of our future will only be realised by fruitful collaborations and collisions between the arts, technology, innovation, storytelling and human experience. We regard it as imperative that culture be given a central role as we try to plan creatively and effectively for the future. 

We come from an edge that is simultaneously physical, rural and metaphorical. From the edge, you can experiment, you can play, you can innovate, you can disrupt.

Central Themes

  • The centrality of creativity in society, culture, arts, business, technology, science and innovation.
  • The value of the intersection of culture, citizenship and economy.
  • How Ireland can harness its creative capital to differentiate itself in a positive way globally.
  • The importance of a STEAM (STEM + Arts = STEAM) agenda in the development of the broader workplace.  
  • What needs to happen to position Ireland as an attractive, enriching option not only for our own society and diaspora but also for the broader community of global creatives.
  • Ireland a migration nation. Our past and present experiences of immigration and emigration can give us a unique perspective and a distinctive voice in a world increasingly defined by the global movement of people.

Who Will Be There

We bring together diverse stakeholders from the arts, technology, the creative industries, broader business interests, politics, policy, education and the media. Our demographic is uniquely inclusive. We host voices, ideas, dialogue and performance, that not only speak to each other, but speak across each other.

Ireland's Edge Creators

Hailing from disparate professional backgrounds, Nuala O’Connor, Muireann Kelliher and Philip King together dreamt up IRELAND’S EDGE to facilitate cross-disciplinary and cross-sectorial connecting and thinking, to create a momentum for positive change.