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IRELAND'S EDGE began in 2015, evolving from an ambition to explore Ireland's future in a changing global landscape from our unique vantage point. We promote the idea that collaboration, discussion, lending and borrowing can build on our collective knowledge. Culture, creativity and community are at the very heart of what we do.

Our name carries both literal and metaphorical meanings, referring to the geographical location of our homeplace, Dingle, a small coastal town located on the edge of Ireland and Europe - a periphery on a periphery, as well as the cultural, technological, educational and economic edges that the country has developed in recent years.

These 'edges' have arisen because of a vibrant indigenous culture, a sense of community that has survived, and even thrived, in spite of repressive cultural and economic circumstances.

IRELAND'S EDGE is known as the 'ideas wing' of our musical counterpart Other Voices, the world renowned series and event established in 2002 that has long been a pilgrimage for the best and brightest in Irish and international music to perform.

Over the years we’ve hosted everything from diplomatic roundtables to pagan raves, science fiction theatre to political debates. Now in its eighth year, IRELAND'S EDGE continues to bring together leading voices from a vast array of disciplines to offer profound and provocative perspectives on society, culture, art, science and technology.

Bígí Linn // Join us - at the Edge

Muireann Kelliher, Nuala O'Connor and Philip King - Founders and Creators of Ireland's Edge

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