Altered States: The New Wave of Psychedelic Research | Dr Roberta Murphy

Humans have experimented with psychedelics for thousands of years, and in the past half century they have often been seen as one of the most controversial forms of recreational drugs.

Partially because of that, research about their uses in the treatment of mental health care has often been restricted, meaning we still know comparatively little about their effects on neuroscience and psychiatry. Dr Roberta Murphy is a psychiatrist with the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London, where research scientists have been pioneering clinical trials of psychedelics. In December 2021 she spoke with Ireland’s Edge curator Nuala O’Connor.

You can also listen to this discussion in podcast form at the following link or wherever you find your podcasts:

Video Date
March 22, 2022
#Psychedelics #Research #Psychiatry #Neuroscience
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